Monday, June 30, 2014

Goodbye June

I can not believe how fast this month went by.
We had so much going on that it seriously flew by too fast.
It was Levia's birthday month, my husband's nephews visited for two weeks, and my brother made it for Levia's birthday.
It was so much fun having family over.
Though at times it did get a little overwhelming, it was nice that Levia grew to love her cousins more than I ever thought she would.
They really made her day every morning that they were here.
She loved being carried, being noticed, being loved, and having extra people to play with.
It broke my heart a bit when the time came to see them go.
I wasn't sure how she would handle the morning after they had left.
She did just fine though.
We also managed to squeeze in time at Panama City Beach this past weekend.
It was crazy hot, but worth it.
Being able to visit new places, go for a walk and enjoy time away from home is always nice.
I'm ready to see what July will bring.
May it be just as fun and full of blessings.
Look at that mess!

Moments I will cherish forever,
Levia cuddling with the bump.

Wash your feet!


Morning light and cuddles with Dad.

The morning of Levia's birthday.
I had to capture her sleeping.

That smile!
I love it!

Two year old piggies.

Playing with George.


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