Friday, October 4, 2013


The other day I entered Belli Birthday Bash giveaway for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate from Egg by Susan Lazar. I seriously didn't think I would win, but it's not like I'm going to loose anything for even trying. I'm sure glad I went for it. They also had other amazing giveaways that I know other Mom's are enjoying right now, like a diaper clutch/changing pad combo & bib by Posh Play, a Moby Wrap, a just for baby gift set by Happy Family, a mamaRoo infant seat from 4moms, and the ultimate giveaway they had was a grand prize valued at over $1,500. (You know the Momma who won that last one is beyond thrilled!) As for me I'm very happy with my gift, I know Levia is going to look amazing in her new dress. Even though it's very fancy, I really think everyone needs to have that "dressy/classy" dress no matter what age you are.
I ended up getting Levia 2 clothing pieces with the $100 gift certificate, it could have gone a long way, but I fell in love with their dresses! I went with the Peter Pan Dress. It's so darling! I'm already looking forward to Levia wearing it.
There was another similar dress, the Big Girls Shift Dress. That one had cap sleeves that screamed fancy, but the empire waist Peter Pan Dress won me over. (They even have a photo of what the Shift Dress looks like on, I have to say it's perfect for the holidays.)

The second item I chose was their Giraffe Charity Tee from their Charity collection. It's just adorable!
I did go over $100 though. (I can't complain when I ended up only paying $4.)
Go check out Egg by Susan Lazar, you'll love it!

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