Monday, January 20, 2014

19 Months Old

Another month closer to Levia turning 2. Gosh, she's growing so fast and so much.
She's still our tiny petite little girl for now weighing at only 20 pounds.
She signs "thank you, more, eat, milk, finish, I love you, and Dada."
Along with this month she has been saying so many words, her newest is "Si" (which is yes in Spanish). She's able to tell us yes and no when it comes to wanting something now. It's made things easier for us in many ways. We have a fearless climber in our hands, Levia can climb up anything!
She loves singing, taking care of her baby, her stuffed cat, reading books, and listening to her nursery rhymes. Levia only watches "My Baby Can Read". There is no television watching for our bug. In all honesty, she just wont watch anything. She has no idea who Dora and YoGabbaGabba are, and we love that. She was never sat in front of the television as a baby so I think that's where it stems from.
She'e becoming more loving, giving us hugs and kisses.
I need to record her saying "hug", it melts my  heart. Her voice is so sweet, gentle, and tender when she say it. It's beautiful.
She's beautiful.

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