Monday, February 24, 2014

SA Part 1

Words can't even describe how upsetting it is that I took our camera and managed to only take a few photos. Luckily camera phones have come a  long way. We finally took 2 weeks and went to Texas, we had so much planned and honestly I think we left most of it out. Next time I'd love to really take the time and spend it going out with my loves.
These photos don't really show anything about San Antonio, but I love them cause I was able to capture Levia playing. It's amazing how well she does away from home. Even though I have to admit when we got home last night she was overwhelmed with all her toys. She had to play with almost all of them. She even missed her high chair, how crazy is that?! Silly girl.
I'm glad to be back in the comfort of our home.
Even though we all managed to bring back some kind of stomach virus. (Our not so favorite part of the trip.) It started with my husband, then Levia, and finally me. I was thinking how lucky I was to not get sick, I spoke to soon. All last night I spent it vomiting. Oh gosh, it was so bad. I feel like it's finally passing! I'm so ready to be myself.
I can't wait to upload "SA Part 2" since it will have more of what we managed to do in San Antonio.
For now these lovely photos of Levia will do.
Levia makes me laugh at times. She's seen me us my eyelash curler and seeing her try it out is just to funny.

I don't think a day ever passed where Levia did not look out that door. She loved it so much!

Hopefully within the next few days I can post part 2.
I even missed out on taking Levia's "20 Months" monthly photo.
I have got to catch up!

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