Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Little Things

One thing for sure is I never limit fashion to only myself. I have always been a shoe fanatic, so when it comes to baby shoes, I can some times go a little over board. She may not fit into shoes yet, but that hasn't stop me from starting up a collection.

Here are some Little Red boots from Old Navy. These are perfect for winter! The details on them are just adorable, having a soft bottom allows baby's little feet to stay comfortable all day long giving them room for wiggle.
These brown ones are from Target (brand Ministar). I love the worn leather look they have. These shoes looks so comfy! They are so soft, I cannot wait till she wears them. I have a feeling these may be her pre-walker shoes since she loves to stand already. I would recommend these to any one who has been eyeing this type of style of shoes for their little one.
I am a fan of Oxfords that I thought finding a pair for my daughter would be hard. I have not found a pair of shoes quite similar like these silver/glitter ones. (They are from Old Navy) I'm looking forward to her wearing them soon!  

These yellow beaded Moccasins by Taos were a gift from my sister. She bought them in a thrift store brand new. I did a little research and they are made from high quality material. These are made to last! I love the bead work on them, the colour yellow make these shoes a statement piece. Levia is going to look amazing!
These little gold beauties from Old Navy are simply stunning when worn. Simple and chic is what makes them so stylish!

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