Saturday, January 24, 2015

Gulf Breeze Zoo 2015

 It was the perfect day to jump in the car and head out to do something as a family.
Something adventurous.
Like always we never plan for anything.
We're the type to say "let's go!" and just go.
Like today.
We didn't plan on going to the zoo but that's where we ended up going.
The Gulf Breeze Zoo to be exact.
I'm never sure about how much fun Levia will have, I always doubt myself.
As always, any adventure that includes animals will make Levia happy.
Remember, we live in a small town so our zoo doesn't boast the best selection of animals but we still love it.
I mean, you do get to hand feed the giraffes.
Who wouldn't want to do that?

When it came to feeding the animals this time around, I noticed Levia was a bit on the scared side.
She goes through phases when it comes to certain things.
One moment she's a tough, strong, go-get'er toddler and the next she's a shy, very quiet little one.

You can probably tell that Rowan isn't much into this whole zoo thing.
I give it another year and she'll be loving it just as much as her big sister.
I know at only 5 months of age there isn't much that catches her eyes.
Of course, unless you light up, play tunes, and require batteries then she'll want you.
Having her to share these moments are still great.

It's time to feed the giraffes!

Looks like the zoo was a bit too much for my little one.

Goodbye zoo, until next time.

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