Thursday, January 1, 2015

Family in Florida

 I had the honor of having my parents come over to visit along with my niece.
It was such a pleasure of mine to cater to them while they stayed with us.
Now, that we have a bigger home I felt so much at ease knowing they had their own privacy.
Though they were only here for a few days, they were able to bond well with my little girls.
One thing that I love about Levia is that she is quick to love family.
Our whole family live far away so one of my biggest fears is that she'll grow up being scared of them.
But that has never been the case with us.
She loves her great grandmother and great grandfather.
They way she hugs, jumps, kisses, and plays with them really warms my heart.
She's really sweet towards family.

It might have been winter here, but I'm glad we were able to make memories together.
To those who have family close, you are lucky.
Enjoy them as much as you can.
I sure wish I could.

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