Monday, December 29, 2014

Rowan's Little Seat

The time has come to purchase Rowan a little seat.
I had no idea that there were so many seats out on the market.
We looked into the Bumbo seat and anything similar to that.
We had her try some and we just couldn't settle.
Luckily Walmart carries a seat very similar to it.
By similar, I say very much alike.
The Mega Seat is the seat we went with.
And I am not at all disappointed.
The color is quite bold.
It pops, but I love that.
It's also sleek and modern.
What made it even better was the price.
We were able to snag it for 20$.
What really sold us was that there was plenty of thigh room.
The Bumbo, was a little tight in that area.
When I would lift her, the seat would come up with her.
The Mega Seat on the other hand did not do that.
They both also have waist buckles.
Finding the Tray for the Mega Seat was a little tough.
We had to go to a Walmart that was a bit further to purchase it.
Now that we have both pieces, Rowan loves sitting in it.
Her toys sit on the tray where she is able to reach them and play with them.
I look forward to her having her first foods in it.
We plan on it being her "high chair".

I did post pictures of the Mega Seat in use in previous post but the Tray had not been purchased then.

A few photos of my Row playing.


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