Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Love

It's Friday and we're having an awesome day.
Though we don't have plans for anything, getting dressed up is always fun!
We're about a week away from moving out of the only home my girls have ever known.
It's going to be a sad day when that day comes.
All the memories we have with our girls happened in these walls.
In this home.
Our home.
At the same time we look forward to a bigger home.
We've seriously been needing to upgrade but we love the whole "minimalist" lifestyle.
But it's about time the girls get their own bedroom.
It's going to be a big change for all of us.
We love co-sleeping but Levia is getting bigger.
Rowan will most likely continue to be near me.
She has yet to roll over in her sleep, so until then, I feel like she's safer next to me.
I love watching her sleep, being able to be there to make sure she's doing okay.
She's all that matters.
On another note, I am so glad we'll be getting rid of our sofa too.
We have purchased our new sofas and I can not wait to redo our new place and make it home.
I look forward to writing that post.
For now here's my love.
Pretty as always.

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