Wednesday, December 10, 2014

4 Months Old

Happy 4 months of age Rowan.
You have been growing up wonderfully and beautifully.
At such a young age I find you to be very smart.
For a baby you are quite alert, napping during the day isn't your favorite.
I have to BF you to help you achieve that.
You are 100% a Mommy's girl.
And I am still enjoying that very much.
I haven't been pumping lately so it's been quite a while since you've taken a bottle.
You're still EBF and I am cherishing all the bonding we get through breastfeeding.
The way you hold on to my clothes or how you grab my hair and twist it around your fingers.
You have been teething for a while now.
Grabbing your toys and putting them in your mouth to gnaw is what's been helping you as you go through this phase.
I have no idea when you will get your first tooth, it could be a while since big sister Levia didn't get her first tooth until 9.5 months.
You drool a lot!
And I'm okay with that, you sometimes wear 2-3 outfits a day depending how bad you soak them.
Though some introduce cereal to babies around this coming month, I plan on waiting until you are about 6 month old.
Trust me, you have shown no signs of wanting table foods, yet.
Big sister Levia is very fond of you.
Always hugging you, always kissing you, always making you smile, and always making you laugh.
You two have some sort of connection.
And I love admiring you both bond.
Though you can't play with her just yet, she still tries to play with you.
I love you Rowan!
Happy 4 months!




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