Wednesday, January 7, 2015

5 Months Old

Happy 5 months Rowan!

Well Rowan, you sure are growing pretty fast.
I'd have to say a lot faster than your sister.
This past month you have been doing so much.
You are not great at napping during the day.
For you to nap I usually have to nurse you and hold you.
That's where the Ergo comes in handy most days.
Today also marks 5 months of EBF.
You are doing great!
We are doing an amazing job.
You're getting the best meal while at the same time we have our bonding time.
One thing that I love while you nurse is when you stop nursing only to look up at me with a big gummy smile.
It melts my heart!
You have also started to roll over from your back to your tummy.
You are very very loud when you baby talk too.
This past month you had your first food which was avocados and you loved it.
Though you haven't had food since then, Mama is in no rush to introduce foods on a regular basis.
You're still a baby.
You love to smile and laughing at your sister when she jumps up and down is your favorite.
You are a Mommy's girl and I love that so much.
You love being in my arms.
You love being hugged.
You've also been waking up really early.
Though I fight to get up sometimes, you make it easy with all your smiles.
I love watching you reach for toys, how you bring them to your mouth.
You're desperate grunts from trying fills our home up with noise.

You have no idea how much you brighten up our day.
We love you so much Rowan.
May you continue to grow beautifully.
And may the world see what I see when I look at you.
I love you!



Sister sister.



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