Tuesday, September 2, 2014

NOLA 2014

We finally managed to just pack our bags and head over to New Orleans.
It was a great last minute getaway that was worth it.
Though next time, I'd love to be there for a few days.
I do have to admit it was a bit hard to travel the 4 hours with 2 kiddos.
Especially when 1 is EBF.
Luckily, I packed my breast pump and pumped on the road.
It was the only way she was able to be fed.
That really did help.
Also, Rowan loves sleeping when she's in the car.
Something about it just soothes her.
So she actually slept for the most part.
Levia gave us harder time though, it wasn't too bad.
She tries to tell us what she wants, but she's still at the age where we have trouble understanding what she's trying to tell us.
I'm so ready for her to talk and finally say "Mom, I want...."
Without us having to guess.
Once we got to NOLA, we went straight to our hotel room unpacked, relaxed, and changed diapers.
The weather wasn't in our favor those 2 days we were there, but we made the best of it.
Even if the rain wet us a bit.
We ate some amazing food, went to the Children's Museum, city park, and to the aquarium.
It was such a blast.
Levia enjoyed every minute!
I really hope we're able to make another trip back before we make our move back to Texas.
That would be really nice.



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