Tuesday, September 30, 2014

FWB Carousel

Finally, I am able to snap some recent photos of Levia at the Santa Rosa Mall Carousel.
Probably one of the prettiest carousels I have ever seen.
The one that tops this one is in Pensacola.
We'll be taking more photos of that when the fair is in town.
So excited about that!
This time we made the trip to the carousel pretty memorable.
We invited Levia's little friend to join us.
I'm not kidding when I say that these two are very fond of each other.
They start of being very shy, but once they get comfortable, they're chasing each other and holding hands.
Seriously, they are too cute!
Though, I would love to post photos of him, I will have to leave those out since I do not have permission from his mother to post them. (I didn't ask.)
I'm still happy of the photos I was able to capture of Levia.
I wish I had my ergo, Rowan would have been a part of these photos.
Maybe next time.

I love how Levia had a serious case of nose picking.
I ended up helping her out at the end.
She indeed had one big crusty bugger.
Poor girl had been trying to get it out for quite some time.

This last photo was taken by Levia's playdate's mother.
Seriously, I am in LOVE!

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