Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Goodbye September

Goodbye September
Hello October!
Another month that went by way too fast.
Rowan turned one month on the tenth which also marks my Father's birthday.
And I turned 27 on the 24th.
Having two children really makes our day go by a lot faster than before.
There is always something to do.
Something to pick up.
Something to clean.
Diapers to change.
Baths to give.
Food to cook.
A baby to nurse.
Activities to make.
Books to read.
And a lot of attention to give.
Luckily, I can handle all of it.
At times I do feel like I am being pulled left and right at the same time.
With that brings a very understanding toddler.
I always talk to Levia and tell her that there are times where Rowan comes first, but no matter what she needs Mama will not forget.
Levia will patiently wait.
I love that about her.
She's very understanding.
Here's to what our September looked like.
My girls!

"Kissy sisser"-Levia

Levia and I ran into some elephants at the mall.
It was her first time seeing them.
Just look at how close we were!

I love how Rowan is looking at her sister while Daddy holds her head.
She was trying to hard to talk to Levia, though she hasn't really found her voice she tries hard to.
And of course, Levia loves to entertain her little sister.

A great way to end September.
Watching Rowan sleep.
I'm so very blessed.


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