Thursday, October 2, 2014

Oh Thursday

Oh what a day.
Today has been filled with two very needy girls.
Just waiting on my husband to get home.
 Rowan is asleep on me since she just finished nursing and Levia keeps asking about a bath.
Something I can not do right now.
She's very understanding, so she's anxiously waiting for Daddy.
That's one of her absolute favorite things.
Taking a bath.
She could be in there all day, splashing and playing with her toys.
It's funny when you ask her if she's ready to get out, she'll quickly lay on her stomach and says "no!".
I always laugh, she really could spend hours of the day in there if she was allowed to.
I'm glad Rowan sleeps a lot, but she loves to sleep on me.
She's quick to wake up when I move her.
I need to bring my ergo inside and see if she'll love that.
She'll be close to me and I'd have free hands.
But I always forget though.
Rowan 7.5 weeks

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