Friday, October 10, 2014

2 Months Old

Rowan is now two months old.
She is such a little beauty.
I also think Rowan may grow to be bigger than Levia.
She's outgrown clothes that Levia never filled out at this age.
At two months Rowan is still exclusively breastfed, she wears 0-3 month clothes, she loves to kick and swing her arms around, she's very very alert, she loves to smile, she accidentally giggles, loves to talk when talked to, though she'll use a binky, she doesn't care much for it, and she has managed to sleep some days throughout the night.

As for Mama.
Well I am still working out and doing yoga.
6 days a week about 45min-1hour every night, that is about how long my workouts last.
It has been about a month already and I have seen a change in my body.
I love working out my legs the most.
I include working on my abs and arms too.
I only do this to tone, being muscular is not for me.
I have no idea how much I weigh right now since I don't care for numbers.
My goal is to gain that's for sure.
But it's so hard for me to keep on weight.
Though gaining muscle has never been a problem.
So that's a plus for me.
I last weighed 107, so I am hoping that all this working out has bumped me up a little.
I don't want to see the numbers go down.
At 5'2'' I am usually around 90lbs.
I do plan on posting about how my workouts are going and how it has changed me.

Back to Row.
Though I do not know her weight or length, she is growing just fine.
She's filling out pretty well.
Along with that, she just keeps getting more and more beautiful.
Levia and Row are 100% their father.
They got so many of his features.
I think it's amazing that even with that,
they are both very gorgeous.
He sure makes some pretty little girls.

Happy two months Rowan Eleanor!



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