Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Northwest Florida Fair

After living here for almost 4 years we finally went to our local fair.
We always go to the one in Pensacola which is about an hour drive from us.
Even though we had a blast, the fair was very very small.
We're already looking forward to the drive we'll be making to the Pensacola Fair.
Now, that is one fair that has never let us down.
Every year there is something new.
Something exciting.
One thing the local fair didn't have was red velvet funnel cake.
That's something that really disappointed my husband.
We know for a fact that the fair in Pensacola will have some.
Here's a look at our night.
Our very exciting night.
It was also the first time Levia got on a ride at a fair.
She loved it so much!
I did think the rides went around way too fast, but Levia didn't mind.
She was having a blast.
Not only did that make her night, she was there with her little friend Luke.
I can't wait to see her face at the Pensacola Fair.
She's going to love it so much!
Another fun filled day for us.
(Let's hope I take our camera for that, these were all taken with my phone.)

(Photo credit for the bottom two photos: Karina)


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