Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pensacola Fair 2014

 What a wonderful day we had at the Pensacola Fair.
It's been such a blessing to be here with my family again.
Only this year we have someone special to share these memories with, Rowan.
Though she's too little to remember such day or do anything in general.
I love being able to capture photos where she can one day look at and see that we did everything with her.
Just like Levia, we have only had to use a babysitter once, and that was when I was in labor with Rowan.
My husband and I have a strict rule about babysitters.
We decided to have children because we were ready to raise them ourselves.

Anyways, the fair was great.
The weather was great.
The atmosphere was great.
Everything was great.

At the fair we were able to enjoy an amazing red velvet cake.
Boy, was it yummy!
I wish I could have snapped a photo, but I had one very hungry baby to nurse.
Levia enjoyed getting on some rides.
Of course, toddler friendly rides.
Like the miniature train and carousel ride.
The only downfall of the whole day is we noticed Levia was feeling like herself.
She started to run a fever.
We decided to end our day and go home.
Once we were home, we washed all her toys and gave her some medicine.
Within an hour she was jumping and laughing.
So glad that our day ended up with smiles and laughter.
Every day should be like that. 

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