Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday Fun

 What a wonderful day to head out to one of our local Church and have some fun.
Every year we come here to take pictures at the pumpkin patch, only this time we were handed a flyer saying that they would be holding a little gathering for the kids.
They had a bounce house, mini golf, bowling, tattoos (temporary), and a hay ride set up.
When we got there, I noticed everyone was having fun.
Only, my husband was ready to go.
He thought everything there were for children older than Levia.
We were just about to go, when Levia stopped and started to stare at the bounce house.
She would not take her eyes off of it.
So I asked her, if she wanted to get in.
Right away she told me yes.
We paid the 50 cents, got her a ticket, and in she went.
It took her a while to bounce, no matter how hard she tried to bounce in the middle, the bigger kids managed to bounce uncontrollably making her lose her balance.
She managed to come to the netting part and as you can see the rest was history.
Anyone with children who live close by the Fort Walton Beach area have to come here.
There was not a single child who wasn't having fun.

I almost forgot to mention they even had a pig!
Yes, a piggy that Levia just could not stop touching.

Right before we left, we let Levia get a temporary tattoo.
They had two trays, one for boys and the other for girls.
She of course chose one from the boys section.
A dinosaur never fails.
She loves them.

Since we still had the whole evening with nothing else to do, we took Levia to the beach.
Boy, was it wonderful.
I'm glad we had a day that was all about her.
All we cared about was her happiness.

Always looking her best.
Our beauty.

And just look at our Row, she may be too little to enjoy the beach but she sure does enjoy being out.
Anything that gets her attention makes her happy.

What a long day for our little one.
I bet it's nice being able to nap at the beach.
Just look at how peaceful she looks.
Waves crashing, seagulls squacking, and people talking didn't keep her from enjoying it.

I am so blessed to have been able to spend a wonderful day with my little family.
These are the days where we thank God more than ever for giving us the 2 precious gifts he gave us.
Our girls will forever mean the world to us.

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