Wednesday, October 22, 2014

DIY Succulents For the Kitchen/Home

I'm a big fan of Succulents.
They're pretty, green, and very easy to maintain.
I've always had a pair in my kitchen, but moved them to my living room where I neglected them a bit.
Of course, not on purpose.
I took them outside where I gave them little water and plenty of sunlight.
Bam, they're back to being bright and pretty.
They sit in our home again, where I have pledged to take better care of them.
Our local Wal-Mart is always stocked on Succulents, so I went the other day and purchased a few more.
What makes it better is they run from $2.50-$5.00 for each one, depending on the size.
I prefer the little ones.
While I was there I also bought glass containers to put them in that cost roughly $2.00 each.
To be exact, these glass container are for desserts, they can be bought in the kitchenware department.
What I love about this project is succulents go perfectly in anything.
Pinterest is a great place to look if you need help with ideas.
I also purchased rocks that were around $2.00.
And the soil that I used I already had from previous gardening.
This project was so easy to do.
It's such a great way to bring in some green without having to worry too much about maintenance.
I already have other plants outside that require quite a bit of attention so this is one way of me being able to have some inside without being overwhelmed.
Here's a look at my Succulents.

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