Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Monday

Another Monday.
The start of another week where my husband goes back to work and it's just the girls and me at home.
Yes, I love having them to myself.
But there are times where having my husband home all day is very helpful.
Those are the days where we're able to have our home clean, everything picked up, and we have our sanity.
We actually manage to take turns and nap during the day.
It's amazing to have that extra sleep.
Rowan is such a great baby, from the beginning she has been amazing.
She's not one to give us a hard time but these past few days she has been so attached to me.
She's not one to lounge in her bouncer or lay down alone for the most part.
She really prefers her Mama's arms.
And I'm totally okay with that.
Only problem is she does prevent me from moving around comfortably.
I have a toddler who always needs something.
Snacks, food, water, and attention.
She'll get frustrated but she's very good at understanding that her sister comes first.
She loves her sister.
She's always hugging her, always kissing her, and always trying to snuggle her.
I love how much she loves her.
We even let Levia try to bottle feed her sister the other night.
She enjoyed that so much!
Of course we ended up having to help her, but her face said "I'm really enjoying this!"
As I'm writing all this Rowan is cozied up next to me sleeping on the sofa.
Yes, she's actually not in my arms.
I'm surprised!
Finally a little bit of "ME" time.
I can actually update about my day yesterday too.
Levia and I had a Mama/Daughter day out.
We went to the mall, got a drink from Starbucks, and went to TjMaxx.
We had such an amazing time together.
Levia's favorite part was enjoying her vanilla bean frappe.
I love being able to have that one on one time with her.
I'm also glad my husband does the same.
He has his days where he takes her out while I stay home.
She comes home to me with the biggest smile ever.
Having a toddler and infant has been great.
Not once have we had a problem of jealousy.
That was our biggest fear.
We've been so blessed with our girls.


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