Thursday, August 7, 2014

40 Weeks

Well tomorrow officially marks week 40 of my pregnancy.
Though, I usually never update a day before hand, I am lucky enough to have the house to myself.
I have some family over anxiously waiting for baby to come, for now they're out by Destin enjoying the fireworks.
My husband, who took our daughter out to watch the Ninja Turtles movie has also given me time to just be here and relax.
It's so lonely here, but I'm glad everyone is enjoying themselves.
This past week has gone by too fast.
I can not believe my due date will here tomorrow.
And no baby to show for it, yet.
Fingers crossed she arrives soon.
I'm getting quite desperate here.
My C-section has been pushed to next Thursday, so that gives my body and baby time to arrive.
Though she's a bit comfy in my belly, I hope things start moving along soon.
This past week is still filled with heartburn, luckily it hasn't been as bad.
It comes here and there when I least expect it, but I've actually managed to get some rest.
I'm still working out and eating healthy foods, so far I have gained about 35 pounds.
To some that sounds like a lot, but I'm pretty petite and small that keeping some of that weight would be great.
I'd love to keep 10 pounds, maybe 15 if that's even possible.
Baby still has no name and it seems like the husband is in no hurry to find one.
I'm totally fine with that since I have a decent list to pick from.
For now, let's hope baby arrives within the next few days.
I'm looking forward to posting my birth story
and introduce Baby Luna to the world.
Here's to 40 weeks!

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