Thursday, August 14, 2014

Rowan Eleanor

First few days with Lenny.

Well, let's see.
The first night with Rowan was a tough one.
I had been very short on sleep that I can say I've had no more than 3 hours of sleep.
She cried a lot the first night home.
Always hungry.
It wasn't until the second night that she actually got some sleep and we managed to get some sleep in too.
For a moment I thought she'd be one to cry all night long, but she's proven me wrong.
She'll wake up at night to eat but isn't much of a crier.
She loves opening her eyes and looking around the room.
Levia on the other hand, well she loved to sleep.
She wasn't much to look around.
Since the first night, everything has fallen into place.
There's one thing I am proud of.
Rowan is EBF!
Yes, we have not bought one can of formula.
I wish I was this determined with Levia.
But, I'm glad I still managed to breastfeed her until she was 6 months old.
Only this time, I plan to make it to one year.
I pray that I have the strength and energy to keep up breastfeeding.
Though I can admit it is hard, I have my stash of frozen breast milk piling up.
I'm proud of that, Rowan deserves the best.


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