Tuesday, March 18, 2014

21 Months Old

Oh gosh! Where do I start? Levia has been such a sponge.
She knows way too much!
Her talking is getting better, not the best of course since most is gibberish. She tries her best to repeat words when we teach her. Her sign language ability has been improving. She can sign "Mama, Dada, Please, Thank You, More, Eat, Finish, Yes, Milk, Beautiful, and Diaper".
She knows about 10 letters of the alphabet, where ever there is writing she's quick to go and point out the letters that she knows. It's amazing!
She knows about 5 numbers between 1-10. Her favorite is the number 8 and the letter Z.
Levia is still very fond her babies, cat, and dog. She carries them everywhere.
Lately she has been very affectionate. She'll come up from behind me and say "haaahg, haaahg", (hug) it's the sweetest and most precious thing.
Though television is very limited, she has been falling in love with Peppa the Pig. Her nursery rhymes are still her favorite, along with My Baby Can Read series.
Her favorite food is the "meigh, meigh". Which is the banana.
She's also into yogurts.
I wonder what this month will bring, I'm ready to see what silliness she'll bring us.
Happy 21 Months my Beautiful Princess!

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