Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Another day of fun here in our home. Levia got to paint herself a new little masterpiece. She's not the best at holding a brush or a pencil, but she tries her best. I assumed today would be a rainy day since this morning started off that way. I love when he have a day that's filled with painting, I can say that Levia loves these days too. She knows she can get messy and have a bath afterwards. She could never turn down a bath, it's her favorite!

I seriously don't think words could ever describe how beautiful and wonderful Levia really is. I can say overs and overs how much of a good girl she really is and I still don't think that's enough.
She's the whole package. Smart, beautiful, independent, sweet, loving, artistic, and most of all she has so much compassion. So many qualities for such a little person. 

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