Monday, March 24, 2014

My Little Sleeping Beauty

Lately Levia has been taking naps quite early. Well too be correct, she's been napping earlier than usual. Her naps had been her sleeping between 8-10 at night. Luckily, she's been playing with our neighbors that they have been wearing her out. It's been such a blessing having them around. Levia had no idea how children play, how siblings interact, or how to simply play with other children. She's been enjoying them as much as I have. Her curiosity has been growing too. Just seeing her laugh because of them is such a joy. When she's happy my heart is happy.
I've been taking advantage of her naps, snapping away with my camera phone.
She has no idea how much she amazes me during these times.
I admire her like no other.
Her little nose, her small hands, her tiny little toes, to the little toss and turns she makes while she sleep are all blessings I find amusing.
I decided to post some of these photos, since I find them to all be beautiful.

Sweet dreams my little sleeping beauty.
Momma loves you!


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