Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lovely Owls

I Love SkipHop! My sister had gotten Levia a gift, at first we didn't think we would be using it for quite some time. I was wrong, it is perfect for traveling and a mini diaper bag that my husband can use when he's out with Levia. (Since he thinks my diaper bad is too GIRLIE!) The gift she got us was the owl zoo backpack from SkipHop. It is simply adorable!

I always knew I would add on to their owl collection, so while at Target the other day I found the tuck-away zoo owl bib. Knowing how easy this bib can be folded into a pouch will make it easy for me when I feed Levia her baby food on the go. Once it gets dirty, I can rinse it, dry it, put it away and reuse it. I have other reusable bibs but they are not easy to carry along since you can't fold them, I know if it tried the bib will no longer hold it's natural shape. I'm so looking forward to adding to her little collection.

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