Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Puj Snug

So I had totally forgotten that I had won an elephant Puj Snug Spout Cover from Spearmint Baby. I had entered around mid December and followed all the guidelines to win one. Luckily I won! I was so excited it was the exact one I had been wanting for quite some time. Levia is only 6 Months right now so having a spout cover was last on my list. I know once she is ready for bath time in the tub, the spout cover will provide the adequate protection if my daughter is to ever come in contact with it. The snug fit along with the padding that it provides will do it's job well. It is one less thing for me to worry about during her baths. We are looking forward to trying out our Puj Snug, and letting you all know how well it has worked for us. For now I would recommend for everyone to head over to Spearmint Baby and follow along, they have so many great ideas, beautiful photos, and sometimes great giveaways too.(Who knows you just might be a winner!)

Here is a little update. We have finally pulled out our Puj Snug and gave it a shot, it fits perfectly snug on our spout. What parent wouldn't want to protect our babies from bumps while they are having fun in the tub? That's right, even though we can not prevent every scratch or ding our children will encounter, why not do our best to provide a safe environment for them.
Even though Levia is not ready for baths in the actual tub, we still cover our spout during her bath time. She has become quite the dare-devil. From leaning forward, to laying herself back to lounge or simply reaching as far out from the tub to see what she can touch. We'd rather be safe than sorry, I'm quite sure a bump to an uncovered spout could harm and worse a head injury. Knowing the Snug is there to prevent such thing has left me with some ease!
Just look at how snug our Snug is! Not only is he soft but his cushion is thick. I highly recommend in parents buying a spout cover for their children. Do look into Puj, they are trust-worthy in my book.

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