Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I had bought a world map a few months ago from Target, but only recently made some changes to it. I didn't like the white border around it, to me it was too thick. Today I ended up cutting off the white border and left the thin black one that surrounds the map. After that, I ended up burning the edges. My lines were not clean after I had cut it, so burning it really covered that up.
I'm really looking forward to the day this map hangs in Levia's room.
I plan on keeping it for years. Instead of keeping it plain, I added some flagged pins to show places we have been to. Pink are places I have traveled to, blue are places my husband has traveled to, and gold are places we have been to as a family. I hope to pin many more places. I also hope that Levia takes interest in asking us where we have been to and what it was like. 
I love how one little blue flag sits alone.

I'm looking forward to new adventures!

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