Thursday, November 21, 2013

Levia's Memory Box

I have been meaning to post about what I keep in Levia's memory box. I have to admit, there is so much stuff in there that I will soon have to buy a bigger box. Things that I have been keeping started before she was born, like all my appointment slips. I couldn't get rid of them!
(I even kept my Pregnancy Passport.)
Here are some tips that friends and family wrote at our baby shower. I put them all together and tied it. I'll go through them once Levia has gotten older.
The things that every Momma keeps. I kept it all! (Minus the dried up umbilical cord, keeping that was never in my book. Its so icky.) I have her hospital blanket, her coming home outfit, a NB size diaper, her hospital hat, hand knitted booties, her hospital band, and the card with all her information. (Wight, length, time of birth, etc.)
Her first crib shoes. These are our favorite shoes! Even though they are for boys, Levia rocked them until she outgrew them. We plan on passing these down.
Levia's first real shoes. Of course they're girlie. She wore these up until she was 6 months. They were the only ones that fit her after she outgrew her dog booties.
I actually have a few of these molds. (Only one if of her hand though, getting her to open her hand and pressing it on the mold is by far the hardest thing you can make a baby do.)
Levia's foot prints are everywhere in our home. These are just two of the one's I decided to show. I use her feet and hands as a form of signature when we make crafts together. It's a great way to keep her entertained.
A few things from her birthday party. I love keeping all the little things. Her cake topper, cupcake toppers, her cake smash outfit, gift wrapping paper from one of her gifts, a bracelet I made from her birthday banner, and a photo of her as a newborn. (I also kept napkins from her party.)
This is our latest project. I traced all of our hands and put them together.
I'm really looking forward to the day that we go through this box together. I think she'll be surprised when she realizes how much we kept.
I know she'll appreciate it.

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