Tuesday, July 15, 2014

36 Weeks

Today we are 36 weeks and 4 days along.
Baby is still comfortably staying in with no signs of labor any time soon.
This past Friday I got some amazing news. I qualify for a VBAC!
I'm so excited and of course scared at the same time.
I know a natural birth is and will be a whole lot better than a C-section.
I am determined to not have another surgery.
I hope to make it to full term as well since 39 weeks is right around the corner.
I have been having so many Braxton hicks in this pregnancy that they are hard to get over sometimes since I'm chasing a toddler now.
This past week I managed to get my hospital bag ready.
It's starting to feel more real.
I do have to pack my going home outfit, not that it will be anything special, I do want it to be very comfortable.
I still have a few minor things to get ready.
For example, cleaning the base of our car seat, sanitizing/clean my breast pump, bottles and pacifier.
Everything else is all ready. I do also have to buy pampers!
No worries though since I did buy a small pack of them a few weeks ago.
This week has also been consumed by me working out almost every night.
It has gotten to the point where my legs are really sore the next day, though it makes things hard since Levia is so active, I am happy that I have been keeping up with staying fit.
I also satisfied my craving, watermelon!
I made some frozen watermelon pops with kiwi. Yum!
I also ended up finishing my Crème Brulee cheesecake. I'm so sad since it seriously was the best cheesecake I have ever had. Hopefully I get another box soon! I'll be one very happy pregnant gal.
I'm still drinking my water with Chia seeds and eating fruits is an everyday thing.
I wish I could have been doing all this when I was pregnant with Levia.
With my first pregnancy I learned so much.
I'm still having horrible heartburn.
But, it's only for a few more weeks.
Here's to 36 weeks!

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