Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Almost 39 Weeks

Well today has been a lovely day.
We started of the day with a great start.
Though I did wake up Levia from her sleep she did fine by letting me get her ready.
We had another Dr. appointment today in which everything seems to be going fine with baby.
Strong heartbeat, 0 dilation, and 50% effaced.
Though things aren't moving along like I'd love for them to, it's a start.
I know for sure baby will be taking her time.
She'll come when she's ready, maybe when I least expect it.
I do hope that it's a natural birth.
I'm still holding on hope.
A glimpse of our day.

Though I didn't take any bump pictures today, since I'll leave that for the 39 week bump update.
I did take some photos of Levia.
My love bug.
My beautiful princess.


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