Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday Fun Day

What an awesome day we've had today.
We had lunch with Daddy and we went shopping right after.
Another Mama/Daughter date.
It's days like these that I just love.
Days where it's just Levia and I enjoying the day.
Instead of being cooped up inside, we go out and have a blast.
Levia loves the sunglasses section at the store the most, I never fail to lead her that way just to watch her try on all the glasses she wants.
She's such a darling.
Always saying "hello" to everyone and "thank you" when we leave.
I only have a few weeks to enjoy these days so I've been making sure we make the best of them.
Once baby is here, I know there will be moments where she'll feel left out.
Though I'll do my best to make sure she always feels equal, these are the last few weeks where it will be just us two.
It's crazy saying that!
But I'm looking forward to spending these kind of days with two little girls.
I'm going to make sure that we always have a good time.
For now, I'll cherish these days.
Where I sit out back and watch Levia simply enjoy herself.


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