Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Levia's Books

One thing that I am very fond of, is the time I spend with Levia during our reading time. We don't read ordinary baby books at times, but just getting that reading time in everyday is just amazing. She loves sitting there while I read out loud to her and at times she'll get so close to me and watch me flip the pages one by one. Levia really has a big book collection going on right now. They all range from ABC's to The Giving Tree, Little Women to Oliver Twist, Peter Pan to The Wizard of Oz. I hope that she never looses interest in books, I'm a big fan myself that I really really hope she too will become one.
There are some books that stand out more than the others. Some are about life and troubles that can come in one's life to genuine love that a parent has for a child.
I took it upon myself to buy stamps (the alphabet) and stamp her name in every book. The ones that have extra meaning I add more than just her name. It makes them more personal.
I got this small pack at Wal-Mart for 1$. Well worth it, they even have the stamp ink pads in different colors for 1$ as well.
Here are just a couple of books that I have stamped with Levia's name.

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