Saturday, September 7, 2013

Little Princess

I don't know why but lately I look at my daughter and see the most beautiful little girl that has ever existed. She is everything I have ever dreamed of multiplied by a thousand. I look at her and see beauty in every part of her being. People say you don't know love until you become a mother, I honestly can say that, that is true. My heart explodes with the sound of her laughter echoing around our home, her little giggles when she's sitting playing with her toys, how she opens her mouth and leans forward just to give you a kiss, I love it all. I look forward to seeing what a lovely young lady she will grow up to be, I just pray that time slows down a bit. I want to enjoy her childhood, her youth, her innocence as long as I possibly can. Like the words from Fred, "life only goes around once but never again." This is why I've told myself that I will forever do anything in my power to make sure she grows up with so much love and joy in her life.

I love you my Levia Caroline!

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