Wednesday, September 18, 2013

15 Months Old

This past month Levia has grown so much. She's leaving her baby features and is showing signs that she's a little girl. I still see her as my tiny little baby girl, it's not until I look at photos of her that I can see that she's loosing her baby chubbiness. Her neck and chin is more defined, her nose is no longer that itty bitty but it's starting to take a new shape.
She has really been impressing us so much everyday. One thing she likes is pointing to body parts. She can point to her head, ears, nose, mouth, tongue, elbow, bellybutton, and feet. Today I asked her twice how old she was and without hesitating she put up one finger. She is also fearless. The couch is her favorite spot to hang out. We find it to be very unsafe since she can fall off at any moment, no matter how many times we tell her no, put her down, and redirect her attention she still finds it to be funny. I'm looking forward to what the next few weeks brings us. I pray that they are bright and blissful.
I loved how Levia's 15 Month photos came out. This was the first one I snapped. To me it says so much. It's as if Levia is saying "Mom are you serious? The things I have to wear for you." I just can't help it. Levia looks great in anything. Her crown this month was made with the felt flowers I used on her 10 Months banner. I just used pipe cleaners and hot glue to keep them in place.  
On this photo you can actually she her holding one of her toys. It's seriously the only way I can keep her still. I just sit her down and put all of her ABC blocks around her and let her play. The hardest part was keeping her crown on. No matter how much the blocks distracted her, that crown never lasted more than 10 seconds on her head.

This was right before she pulled it off. Luckily my finger was quick enough to snap this photo. It's by far my favorite of the three.

Happy 15 Months My Princess!
I love you.

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