Thursday, February 21, 2013

Little Circus

While at Target the other day, all their Valentine's Day stuff had gone on clearance. A good 50% off of some pretty nice Valentine's Day themed decor. I had been needing little storage containers for Levia's Gerber Puffs for when we are out and about. (I can store fruits, baby cookies, and finger foods.) I just didn't know where to get them, so when I was there I found the perfect little containers. Not only are they cute, but it will also entertain Levia when it comes to snack time. The circus theme they had was so gorgeous I could not pass up the deal that I also got the matching cup (with straw).
Look at how cute they are! They even has a flag on the top.
The cup spins around that allows any child to put the mustache on the face. Very entertaining! I'm so looking forward for Levia to use these.

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