Saturday, February 9, 2013

Beautiful Hearts

Here in our home we have a designated area for Levia. We consider it her play corner, everything she needs to keep her busy stays there. From books to stuffed animals, along with her rocking horse. Ever since we set up the cork tiles I made it clear to my husband that any art Levia makes will be displayed there. She's only 7 months right now, but we have done little crafts here and there to spruce up her corner. I have to say it has been coming along just great!
So far only these two pieces hang there. The "I love Daddy" was made when Levia was 4 months old to surprise her father when he got home from work. He LOVED it! The banner was made today, not only do I like it for her corner it is also perfect for Valentine's Day. (Since it's right around the corner.)

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