Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day at Home

So the day has finally arrived. It's Valentine's Day! I love this day since it's the only day out of the year that our home gets girlie and it's the only day I can get away with it. We have always done Valentine's at home and I hope we keep up with that tradition, 3 years and going strong! Everything I used to decorate our home is the same decorations I made 3 years ago when we finally got to spend our first Valentine's Day together. It would have been 4 but a tour in Afghanistan made us spend it apart. I love making my own decorations by just using construction paper, paints, and some colour pencils. I will admit the only store bought things are the red glitter hearts that hang from the ceiling.
On the cake I wrote, "Love is all you need".
I made the hearts three years ago, only the used to hang from the ceiling individually. This year I decided to convert them into a banner. It was so much easier for me that way.
Of course I can not leave my LoveBug out, I decorated her high chair with hearts and where her cup should go I cut some hearts, out lined them in gold acrylic paint, put her name on it, and on the back I wrote "Levia's First Valentine, 02/14/2013". (It will be going into her memory box after.)
For our coasters I did the same only I put our last name "Luna". Hope my husband loves all the decorating when he gets home.
I didn't manage to show what we ate for dinner, but I will show you what I made for us to drink. I prepared some homemade lemonade the night before, filled an ice tray about halfway and filled it with some thawed mixed berries. I have to say the lemonade was so refreshing!

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