Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lovely Month

This past month has been filled with so much joy. Levia has been having a blast. I wish the days could slow down for us, we want to enjoy each other more than ever. 
These are some of the moments I enjoyed so much:
Took a day to go antique shopping. During that we came across a wing painting outside, we had to snap a photo of Levia in front of it.
Levia got to enjoy her first coin ride. I can say she was not a fan of it while it was moving though.

We said goodbye to her size 2 shoes and welcomed her new hard sole shoes. We have been holding on to these for months.

We spent an evening fishing. I enjoy these moments a lot.

Yesterday, I took Levia to the little beach that is located right outside of our apartment. She had so much fun. Playing in the sand, splashing in the water, and soaking up a little bit of sun.


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