Friday, July 31, 2015

Goodbye July

July, you really were amazing.
We spent the whole month in San Antonio doing many things to keep us busy.
We're going on a month and a half without my husband, and boy, is it hard work.
Luckily, I've had some help from my family.
But for the most part, I've been doing it all.
How single Mother's do this on the daily with no help?
I have no idea, but I applaud them.
It's the hardest, most rewarding job in the world.
I never imagined that getting ready for bedtime could take us up to 2 hours.
There is just so much to do.
From getting dressed, diaper change, brushing teeth, calling Daddy to say goodnight, and brushing teeth.
Before we know it 9 o'clock has turned to 11 o'clock.
It takes it's toll on me, that's where my Mother comes in.
I'll ask if she can keep on eye on the girls while I take a power nap.
Don't even get me started on when do I shower.
I feel like those days are rare, and when I'm able to squeeze it in, oh yes!
I take full advantage of that.
I already told my husband once we're all home together, 
we NEED a vacation.
We need to strengthen our family's foundation with some good R&R.
And trust me, I really need it.
Another thing I told his, was that I'm going to our local nursery and I am buying myself a tree.
I'm not sure what I will get, but this hardworking Mama deserves to treat herself.
Anyways, here's a glimpse of what our July looked like.
We actually did quite a lot. 
From going to Museums, to visiting one of the local Missions.
You can see we love being outside, but with this Texas heat, whew it's so hard to stay cool.
Speaking of this very hot month, we've somehow managed to get sick.
Yes, who gets sick in the middle of summer?
I have no voice and talking to my girls has been so hard.
I'm ready to read to them, laugh, and simply enjoy our little talks.
I hope you all had such a lovely month. 
I know we're on the last day of July and we've yet to plan for anything, so we'll see, 
we gotta end it with a bang, right?

How we keep in touch with Daddy.

Below, is probably the most sweetest picture ever.
Rowan sleeping in her great-grandfather's arms.
(And he's sleeping too!)


Below, my husband enjoying himself back home.
I always joke with him by asking how his vacation is going.
We laugh, but we both know how much he misses his girls.
We'll be home soon!

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