Thursday, March 3, 2016

19 Months Old

my littlest one isn't so little anymore.
We had her 19 month wellness check a few days ago and she's weighing in at a whopping 22 pounds.
you read that right.
22 pounds.
If I'm correct,
my almost 4 year old weighs only 27 pounds.
I give the thickness my Rowan has to her constant breastfeeding.
we're 19 months strong in our breastfeeding journey with no end in sight.
At least for now.
This is what nourishes her for now.
She breastfeeds more than anything.
Luckily, since I'm a SAHM,
she has no problem nursing on demand.
She's also been signing a lot more.
Our communication level has improved because of it.
I can pretty much ask her anything,
and in return,
she'll sign "yes" or "no".
Isn't that cool?!
She signs quite a few words that currently,
we're working on "where?" and "what?"
She's getting there.
I'm so happy that my little one is growing up beautifully.
She's happy and in good health,
what more can I ask for?
God is great!
Mama loves you a lot!
(BTW, I'm posting this up one week before her actually turning 19 months.
We have a crazy couple of weeks up ahead,
and we're pretty excited!)

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