Tuesday, April 12, 2016

20 Months Old

Your second birthday is slowly creeping up.
We're exactly 4 months away and we cannot wait to celebrate another year of you,
another year of having you in our lives.
You complete our family and we could not have dreamed of anyone else to be here.
As you slowly continue to grow,
you continue to amaze us.
You're a charmer to all that meet you,
you smile at them,
you wave "hello" and "goodbye" to strangers.
But don't let them get close to you,
or acknowledge your presence.
You'll turn the other cheek and play shy.
Yes, you indeed are one very shy babe.
You'll duck for cover,
find a nook,
and hide from anyone who dares to enter you personal space.
We've continued to use ASL,
and you've loved every minute of it.
You're a dancer and a singer.
Dropping everything at the sound of music just to twirl.
You're still the adventurous little girl you were born to be,
you keep us on our toes with your independence,
and you keep us in constant fear.
You do not like the word "no",
for you do things anyways.
We love you so much.
My little hard at listening,
lover of all things bugs,
my little strong,
little love.
Happy 20 months Rowan Eleanor!


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