Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pumpkin Patch 2016

Well Fall is here,
and things have been pretty slow around here.
Yet, there is so much for us to do.
I've been lacking updating on here,
cutting back from social media has been refreshing.
Will I ever log into my Facebook account,
I'm not sure.
I kind of enjoy not having one.
I mean there comes a day when one becomes too old to have one?
Thankfully, my family has no interest in such thing.
I always said once my mother created an account,
(which thankfully she never did) I would delete my account in a heart beat.
It's crazy to see how many people's moms, grandmas, and so on use social media.
Any ways,
my break from here and Facebook has been something I've been enjoying,
I can honestly say,
I don't miss it one bit.
Though you will catch me on Instagram still.
As I have stated before,
I do print out those pictures,
so I'm always trying to post frame-worthy shots.
since October is here,
and the pumpkins are all out,
we've managed to squeeze in a few trips to our local pumpkin patch.
It has been one of our favorite things to do.
Today's trip consisted of having a pic-nic style snack break.
And I have to say,
it was just lovely.
I hope you all are enjoying all things fall.

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