Friday, April 26, 2013

10 Months Old

My oh my, how time continues to fly. Levia is growing more and more each day, everyday she is more beautiful. I look back and it's hard for me to visualize how little she was, it was just yesterday we had our little itty bitty bundle snuggled up on our chest. Now, the days consist of her crawling around, pulling herself up to stand up, and countless smiles and laughs that just fill our lives with joy. Within the last few weeks Levia has been learning so much. I have been teaching her basic sign language, she has finally picked up on signing "Milk". You have no idea how proud I am of her! She'll wake up with a beautiful grin in her face and soon after it is followed with her signing "Milk", I know to always give her a bottle but knowing she can tell me in the morning and through out the day is simply amazing! I have been teaching her countless others, maybe within the next few weeks she'll learn them too. Another thing about Levia is she has been watching "Your Baby Can Read". My niece watched it at an early age as well and it worked wonderfully. Levia has been watching it for a few months now and she just started to raise her arms when asked "Arms Up". She just loves it. I cannot believe how smart she is. One of the best things we have taught her that makes our hearts melt is having her give us kisses. All we have to do is ask for a kiss and she will lean in and plant one one you. It's beautiful!
37 Weeks + 10 Months have simply been amazing!
Happy 10 Months my Levia Caroline!
I love you so much!
On another note, you can see what I ended up doing with the DIY Felt Flowers from my previous post. A "10 Months" old banner. I love how it came out, perfect for Spring!

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