Friday, May 1, 2015

Bumbo Multi Seat

Well we had an amazing mail day.
A while back, Bumbo made the offer online to have people try out the Bumbo multi seat.
We are also allowed to keep it,
but in return we have to try out the seat and leave our review online on numerous sites.
As of right now we are loving this seat.
It has everything in it for baby.
The fact that this seat converts from a floor seat to a booster seat
makes it great for babies and toddlers.
What I love about it too is that the tray comes with this seat
that tucks into the back when it's not being used.
It's height is adjustable.
(The photo below, the seat is on the high setting.)
I love that it's so easy to assemble and buckle onto the dinner chair.
(The instructions were so easy to read.)
What I haven't mentioned is there is a good amount of thigh space.
To me, the original seat has a tighter fit in that area.
No more tight fit, hooray!
Of course, when snapping the tray on, you have to make sure fingers and skin are no where near when it clicks into place.
Otherwise you'll most likely pinch baby's delicate skin.
The seat insert is still very soft and cushion-y.
Which I love!
Once baby out grow the cushion, all you have to do is remove it,
open the base and tuck in the seat for storage.
Uhm, isn't that uh-mazing!
It'll be sitting in the booster seat the whole time,
and not on some shelf collecting dust somewhere.
There is one downfall though,
but's it's not a deal breaker for me.
The tray seems to be on the smaller side compared to other similar seats.
But let's be honest, babies are still learning to eat.
Babies may be eating off the biggest table in the world
and the food is still going to end up on the floor.
It's inevitable.
But the tray still serves it's purpose.
And I'm okay with it.
Below are a few photos of the Bumbo strapped on to one of our dinner chairs
and being used by my 8 month old daughter.

Since the tray clicks into place, above and below is a photo of what it looks like.
You have to squeeze the dark grey hinge toward you slide the tray off.

When the seat is being used on the floor,
the straps tuck into the seat and the buckles snap into it's slots.


Below, you can see how and where the tray is stored when it's not in use.
I love how it blends well into the seat.
When you're ready to use it all you have to do is slide it out.

Finally the best part,
my baby girl trying out the seat.
You can see well that she's pretty comfortable in it.
Judging by most of these photos she's also enjoying herself.

In the end, I totally recommend the Bumbo multi seat to Mama's out there.
Photos from my phone.


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