Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Our New Toy

Our 5th wedding anniversary is slowly creeping up.
Sadly, my husband and I will not be able to celebrate together because of his work.
I ended up buying him something extra special this year.
Something we both would love.
Something he get use out of.
Something that would look pretty in our home.
Something that we've talked about getting but just never did.
Until now.
Target had an amazing sale going on for some of their electronic stuff.
In that sale, was the classic turntable by Crosley.
As soon as I saw it online and read the reviews, I was sold.
I had to buy it for him.
(They also come in other amazing colors!)
I also made on online purchase of Band of Horses, Everything All the Time in vinyl.
It has a story behind it.
When my husband was out on one of his deployments in Afghanistan, I introduced him to Band of Horses.
I had just started to listen to them, and soon after my husband (then bf) started to listen too.
We would both listen to them and every time Band of Horses was on, I would think of him.
5 years later, I still think of him when I hear their music.
It's probably one of our favorite band.
Since he's opened up his present, we have already made trips to our local Vinyl/Record shops and have came out with amazing finds.
From Sonny and Cher to George Strait.
We're loving our new dates.

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