Friday, December 18, 2015

Breastfeeding Journey Part 6

You guys,
my girl and I have had such a lovely breastfeeding journey.
I didn't count on writing this update until Rowan turned 18 months,
but we're planning a family trip pretty soon that has me on the verge of deleting photos from my phone to make space for newbies.
like I said,
we're 16 months into our breastfeeding journey and we're still going strong.
I wish I could say that at this stage it's been easy,
but it's been one crazy ride.
We have such a lovely bond because of breastfeeding.
When my girl need some love,
some affection,
someone to hold,
someone to nurture her,
she comes to me.
And I love it.
I love that she's a Mommy's Girl.
This is one reason why I love to document some of my nursing moments with Rowan in pictures.
These are moments I want to remember forever.
Moments I want to cherish forever.
At 16 months old,
I feel like Rowan nurses a lot.
And I mean A LOT!
She has access to "titi" whenever she want since I'm a SAHM.
Though I would love to work,
I'm not ready to break this bond that I have with her.
And I know it would be one very rough adjustment for her,
so I'll continue to be here.
Not only for her,
but for Levia too.
It's what I feel to be right.
the part of my journey that's rough.
And this happens every so often,
sore nipples.
all I can say about that is OUCH!
Thank goodness for whoever invented the nipple cream.
That stuff is my miracle worker.
For you who wonder what I use:
(I'll post a picture below.)
when I feel them to be tender I dab on a bit and they start to heal fast.
I also use it when I get cuts on my nipples,
I can blame that on my failure to trim Rowan's nails.
Another downfall of my nursing journey,
which isn't so bad,
but gets me a bit down at times,
is how I always have to use "nurse-friendly" clothes.
I miss using certain tops,
certain dresses,
but if the boob can't come out,
then I'm not wearing it.
So many lovely things hand in my closet,
but it's only temporary.
I'll wear them when the time is right.
And lastly.
My boobs belong to my girl.
whenever she wants them she gets them.
One day,
they will be mine again.
One day I will own them and wear that lovely top or that lovely dress that has been so nicely hanging up in my closet.
One day when my boobs become mine again.
because I listed some of the down thing of my breastfeeding journey,
that does not mean I am ready to stop nursing her.
I will stop nursing her when she's ready to stop.
I'm okay if it's for another year,
she will be the one to let me know.
For now,
I'll continue to feed her as she pleases.
For all you Mamas,
whether you breastfeed of not,
keep doing what you think is best for your baby.
As long as you are loving them and feeding them,
and raising them in a good environment then you are doing an amazing job.
Raising little humans is hard work.
And as I always like to say
happy baby = happy home
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.
(Below is what I call my "miracle worker!")
That stuff works and it's worth every penny.
Btw, you can also find it at Target online + in stores.



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