Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fairy Land

So, it's day number two of a gloomy + rainy weather here in Florida.
(The reason for my poor quality photos. Meh.)
Anyways, I decided to dress my girls up and make the best of today.
Since we had already gone out yesterday,
we stayed in today.
Levia had been asking me about making her a clubhouse,
and I totally agreed.
We do this on a weekly basis,
but usually it's my husband who builds it for them.
I was suppose to have my dental appointment today,
but I got a text that it was cancelled.
I wanted it over with.
But, I can't complain about it either.
I had a lovely day with my girls.
I marched upstairs while the girls were with him
and I set up their lovely clubhouse.
I wanted to make it a bit magical so I added Levia's teepee lights to the inside of her clubhouse,
and bam!
It looked like something straight out of the movies,
I called it their fairy dream land.
I also set up their picnic set,
their dolls/babies,
and their cooking set.
Once I got the girls upstairs,
Levia was in so much AWE,
she loved it.
Lately my girls have been in "Mommy" mode,
always cuddling,
always loving,
always nurturing,
and always snuggling their babies.
Today they had a picnic with them and it was beautiful.
As I watched them play,
my heart would gush for how they played with each other.
I'm lucky to be their Mother.
I've got two amazing little girls.
I hope one day they look back and realize that everything I did for them,
I did it all out of love.
They deserve the best
and I will always try to give them all that they deserve.
Levia and Rowan,
Mama love you a lot.

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