Monday, January 11, 2016

17 Months Old

Happy 17 Months
my Rowan Eleanor.
You've been growing beautifully and wonderfully.
You're smart and very loving.
You have a great love for animals and your instinct is to cuddle every
single one of them.
You're a dancer.
Always dancing to the sound of music.
You have been leaning toward your Father when you want cuddles,
though you're still a Momma's girl.
I love that you know you need us both.
I constantly pray that you and your sister continue to grow with good health,
that your desire to learn continues to grow,
that you always have respect for yourselves and for others,
and my you both always have compassion and love in your hearts.
I love you so much Rowan.

Of course I can't skip on my 3 year old Levia.
She has been quite the artist lately.
Out of nowhere,
Levia has started to draw people.
I think her drawings are amazing for a 3.5 year old.
And on a side note,
we've been planning her birthday lately.
Dresses have been purchased along with a few party décor.
And now we just have to wait and see what we can find for the last minute touches.
Oh, and I forgot to mention,
both my girls will be having the same birthday party.
Whoop whoop!
(It was actually Levia's idea!)


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